The first phase of our FLS Supply Chain Center (FSCC) is now completed

The first phase of our state-of-the-art FLS Supply Chain Center (FSCC) is now completed with 2,400 sqm Dangerous Goods Warehousing capabilities. By September 2022, our facility will expand to 4,800 sqm of DG warehousing and 6,200 sqm of non-DG warehousing.

Through this exciting new venture, we guarantee the highest safety and environmental standards, together with world-class, highly-experienced staff. Strategically located in Thailand’s largest industrial park, Map Ta Phut, our FLS Supply Chain Center enables supply chain leaders to store hazardous chemicals at competitive prices. More than an innovative warehouse, FSCC can tailor-make solutions for freight, project cargo and trading – all through our interconnected businesses: FLS Warehousing, FLS Logistics, FLS Projects and FLS Trading.

To book a space in FSCC with bespoke warehousing solutions, email us at

Watch the video to see the Center and highlights of the first cargo being delivered.

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