Safety & Quality

At FLS, we follow the international standards of quality management, health and safety.

Quality Assurance

We are constantly focused on providing services that meet all our customer’s applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Through our Quality Management System, we enhance customer satisfaction; developing processes for continual improvement with the assurance of conformity. We have adopted one of the world’s leading modular enterprise systems to streamline operations, accounting and business development.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety is a top priority. FLS is constantly providing Health & Safety training for all members of staff as well as blue collar and sub-contracting parties. We follow international rules and guidelines as we are very conscious and concerned to foster a safe and healthy work environment for our teams.

We ensure that each project and every shipment will always be handled in a safe, timely, systematic and efficient manner. FLS will never compromise the health and safety of the people, or the quality of the equipment used at the consideration of cost.

Our Standards

Based on these guidelines we select and work only with agents and partners which:

  • are fully certified to international standards
  • fulfil our own strict quality standards
  • have sufficient insurance coverage
  • operate with well-maintained and regular tested equipment
  • are well managed and staff regularly trained
  • have a long successful history and proven track record

FLS requires the active commitment to, and accountability for, occupational health, safety and environment from all employees and contractors.