Chana Power Plant

With a cargo of 30 boiler modules and two HP drums of up to 200 metric tons each, FLS could not access the site by road. We had to envision detailed logistical concept that involved the construction of a purpose-built jetty close to site, in the mouth of a river close to the ocean. We also rehabilitated 1KM road from the jetty to the public roads. We worked closely with multiple stakeholders, including the local community, to avoid any disruptions to their daily lives. All heavy lifts were shipped by two charter vessels from Korea to the port of Songkhla in the South of Thailand, where a direct transfer from ocean vessel to sea-going barges took place. The barges navigated 25km on the open sea to the jetty. 

After rolling the heavy lifts off the barges by ramp – using self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) at the jetty, they were stored on temporary jack stands and then delivered to site in the required sequence. At the site, the erection contractor successfully lifted the HRSG-boiler modules directly from the hydraulic multi axle trailers by crawler crane into the boiler house of the power plant.