Our FLS team in Australia chartered a suitable geared multi-purpose heavy lift vessel in order to coordinate and execute the FAS delivery, loading and securing to the vessel of two Bio Power units with volumes of 36 x 18.3 x 8.3 m / 700 MT and 13.2 x 9.2 x 5.56 m / 61 MT respectively. We also managed the Subsea installation of the units in Australia,  including the management of customs and quarantine requirements, as well as taking care of expert divers for the project. Furthermore, we used the ship’s Dynamic Positioning (DP2) System to discharge directly into the water onto the foundation. 

Challenges: Australian quarantine regulations made it mandatory to have a biosecurity management plan in place with weekly reporting to the Australian authorities. FLS implemented all the necessary measures prior and throughout the fabrication of the bio wave unit allowing to discharge the module straight into the water in Australia. 

FLS has been the advisor on logistics and transport for the project; and they’ve helped us across numerous areas: delivery of equipment in and out of Australia, managing customs and importation matters; and finally helping us along the way with the delivery of the unit. They’ve been hand in hand with us the whole way and we’re very pleased with their service.”

Timothy Finnigan – CEO and Inventor of BPS BioPower Systems.