FLS Role: FLS was awarded the entire transportation scope from the fabrication yard in Sattahip, Thailand, all the 12,000 nautical miles to site in the Greater Houston Area – including trucking, ocean freight, barging and issuance of the permits.

Challenges: 2 years of rigorous planning were required to coordinate the shipment of 160 modules including heavy lifts of up to 450MT. In total, we chartered 13 full ships and booked 28 barge trips to deliver all cargo in a timely manner within less than 9 months. The biggest challenges and keys to success were the selection of the right storage facilities and barge landing points including the leasing of the properties; the careful, smart & detailed planning of stowage; the excellent communication between FLS, our clients and subcontractors; as well as the highest safety measures to guarantee that there are no injuries.

All cargo is designated for 8 new refining furnaces – the expansion of the biggest chemical plant of its kind in the US. To FLS, no challenge is too big to tackle, and no problem is too big to solve.