New partnership with HP Handling

FLS Solutions (FLS Trading) is proud to announce that on 1st July 2021, we have been appointed the agent for HP Handling SRL for Thailand and Vietnam.

Founded in Italy, HP Handling, is an industry leader in engineering and manufacturing integrated solutions for the handling of grain, flours, meals and dry bulk materials.

Together, we will support our clients with turn-key solutions for new installations or rehabilitation of existing ones. In addition, HP Handling offers feasibility studies, full customisations and financing support while FLS Solutions (FLS Trading) and the FLS Group will contribute a local network of potential clients, regional engineering and manufacturing partners as well as tailor-made logistical concepts.

This partnership is the combination of two expert companies each bringing their strengths into the cooperation perfectly supplementing each other”, said Christoph Campbell, MD of FLS Solutions. “We are currently hiring a technical sales manager specifically to support HP Handling and their systems to supplement our existing sales, back-office and logistic team. This is a very exciting development for us and we are very much looking forward to supporting our clients in their projects together with HP Handling.”

We are looking forward to achieving great things for our customers alongside HP Handling. Our congratulations to all!


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