The World Movers – Newsletter Q2 2024

Quarter 2 is off to a record-breaking start! We’re thrilled to announce our achievements: surpassing 1,000,000 safe work hours, achieving the TIFFA MARK silver-level certificate, and successfully launching our new consumer brand, NIVO! Additionally, our CEO Torbj√∂rn Larisch recently appeared in an exclusive interview with ThaiPBS, sharing truly insightful perspectives on bridging cultures. Ready to… Continue reading The World Movers – Newsletter Q2 2024

The World Movers – Special Edition Q1 2024

Welcome to FLS’s latest quarterly newsletter! We’re eager to share recent events, insights, and updates, keeping you well-informed in the ever-evolving logistics landscape. This special edition marks FLS Group’s 30-year milestone, highlight our commitment to human-centric values. Explore the latest issue by clicking here:

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